Using MapKit to find a route and directions

Using List and NavigationLink with SwiftUI

What I learned from reading Atomic Habits

Progress is not linear

It is very easy to lose motivation when we don’t obtain the results we want; sometimes we may feel as though we’ve put too much effort trying to achieve something, without actually seeing any…

Create an animated expandable button using SwiftUI

The expandable button we will be building.

Making a user-configurable widget with SiriKit

User-configurable widget.

Different widget sizes and deep links

Small, medium, and large widgets.

Supporting Different Widget Sizes

Open up the Emojibook project on Xcode and navigate to the Emojibook_Widget.swift file. To support different widget sizes, all we have to do…

Creating an emoji app and widget with SwiftUI

Small iOS 🦄 emoji widget.

How to make the most out of Xcode

Meme courtesy of @ios_memes

1. Slow Animations

Testing animations can be tricky. Thankfully, Xcode has a feature that slows down animations in the simulator, that way you can see exactly how your views are moving or changing. To enable this feature, simply run your app, once in the simulator, click Debug in the top menu and then select Slow animations.

Using custom colors in the navigation bar

Default SwiftUI Navigation Bar.

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